Thursday, 9 May 2019

Science Experiments

For science has been learning about the water cycle.  We did five experiments. One was about the air pressure inside of a balloon and another one was blowing up the balloon then dunking it in water. It made a big bubble. This shows that there were air particles inside a balloon.  Another was finding out how the air pressure varies each size.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Growth Mindset

Last term we learnt  about growth mindset. We all worked on information folders about a certain famous person. My information folder was about the one and only 16th president of the united states Abraham Lincoln. Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Abraham Lincoln was well know for stopping slavery at that time in America.  I am very proud of my Abraham Lincoln information folder.

St Joseph's Day Tabloid Sports

Tuesday 19th March was St Joseph’s Day Feast Day.  The whole school attended mass to celebrate the leadership Saint Joseph showed.  Saint Joseph is also special to our school because Saint MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph were inspired by Saint Joseph.  Saint Joseph is also the foster father of Jesus. The following day, the whole school came together to celebrate with fun tabloid sports in our houses.  We all got to play so many fun and exciting games. Thank you to our leaders who prepared this.

Friday, 29 March 2019

Growth Mindset - Goal Bunting

Each student in  room 6 has made a bunting triangle to show our Growth mindset goal and motto that we want to work on. Come and check them out !

Jesus Strand - Religious Education

During term 1 we have been learning about Jesus the Son of God. This is my cube on how Jesus showed that God loved us all as his children. We are all blessed with the gifts faith, hope  and love.

Friday, 15 March 2019

My Accident Story


February 2019 

By Henry 

I am learning to entertain my audience through a recount.

Have you ever fractured something? I have, this is the story of when first fractured something. My bum bone, no I’m serious your bum bone is called your Coccyx. This pain is excruciating it hurt for over 2 weeks. This happened at Potters Park when I was nine years old. I was mostly looking for trouble back then, especially when my little sister was around. She was painful and easily annoying, her reactions were priceless.

Piling in the car, me and my sister squabbled as we made the journey to Potter’s Park at 50 kilometres an hour. Harriet was being both dancer and prancer in the car because she was having a mini play date with her friend Elizabeth Harkison Merith at Potter’s Park. My mum was focusing on only one thing at this moment, getting a parking space. Apparently that is one of the most annoying things at 3:30pm on a summer's afternoon. Mum turned a corner and found a parking space, “Yay congratulations mum you found a parking space.”

My sister ran to enjoy her moment with best friend. Just then I knew what I was going to do at the waterpark - chase my sister and her friend. I truly do love annoying my sister. I slipped into my swimming togs thinking of how mischievous I was going to be. Vroom, vroom, I ran and chased my sister as fast as a Wacky Road Racer through the park. She screamed, I laughed, my sister’s friend warned her many times that I was inches behind them. Grab! My sister screamed, “Let go of me Henry!” After I let her go, my sister went to tell me off while the sudden feeling of guilt started to pile up on me. I slid off down the grass turf. I was about to head back after them when suddenly the pain seared through my body. I whimpered because it felt like somebody had just set my bum on fire, so I ran to my mum. She didn’t realise I was in pain so she told me off instead. I was desperate to explain, I told her that I slid down the grass turf hill and slid on my coccyx (yes, bum) over a climbing grip.

Ouch, every time I sat down my bum hurts, still can hurt till this day today. The only thing I could do was rest. My bum hurt every time I tried to move same as it is now . “This was a very bad week” I said to my mum. “I know,” she said.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Ash Wednesday

Today was Ash Wednesday. We went to church and sang some hymns, got the ashes on our foreheads, sung happy birthday to a little girl starting school on her birthday! We then went up and got a blessing.
We did make an attempt to keep our ashes on our foreheads, but that was a fail due to swimming and itching it off. We had a good day and hope everyone else did to. During the lent season we have to remember to pray, alms giving and helping others. else did to. During the lent season we have to remember to pray, alms giving and helping others.